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Remanufacturing of auto parts has broad prospects

As my country has become the world's largest automobile country in terms of automobile production and sales for many years, the number of automobiles has increased sharply, and the speed of replacement has accelerated. resource. The release of relevant standards and policies shows that my country's auto parts remanufacturing has entered a stage of standardized development and will usher in a larger-scale period of rapid development.

1. Status of auto parts remanufacturing industry

Due to the lack of policy norms and guidance in the early stage of my country's scrapped motor vehicle recycling and auto parts remanufacturing industry, the participation of market players is not high, the degree of marketization is limited, and there are still several important problems.

(1) The low recycling price of scrapped vehicles has lowered the overall recycling rate;

(2) Scrap vehicles flow to the informal dismantling market, disrupting the formal order of the motor vehicle maintenance industry;

(3) The scrapped motor vehicle recycling and parts remanufacturing industry has not yet fully formed a market-oriented movement mechanism.

Second, the introduction of the policy, the industry development entered the fast lane

The significance of the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Auto Parts Remanufacturing" is to clarify the state's norms and requirements for opening up the auto parts remanufacturing business, regulate the production and operation behavior of enterprises, supervise and ensure that the quality of remanufactured products meets the national standards, and promote enterprises. Correctly engaging in auto parts remanufacturing business behavior provides a policy and legal basis, and provides a good policy protection for the development of the enterprise. At the same time, it effectively promotes the orderly connection of the upstream and downstream of the automobile recycling industry, and promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the auto parts remanufacturing industry.

3. The impact on the automobile industry

There is no doubt that the circulation of remanufactured auto parts will have a huge impact on the entire auto industry, and any member of the auto industry must be prepared accordingly.

For automakers, the most important impact is that the price system of automakers' related spare parts will be affected to a certain extent. Because of their relatively low prices, remanufactured products will be favored by consumption-sensitive customers in the market competition, and the original price range of auto manufacturers will be exploited for competitiveness.

The market for auto parts remanufactured products is infinitely broad and will be an emerging trillion-dollar market, and policies will become more and more perfect, providing good policy protection for enterprises in the industry and trustworthy supervision for consumers. Management system assurance. It is believed that as long as relevant companies support each other under the policy and conduct more extensive exchanges and cooperation, the auto parts remanufacturing industry will have a bright future.