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Quality Management of Auto Parts Manufacturing

  This paper mainly conducts in-depth research on the quality management of the auto parts manufacturing industry. First, the problems existing in the quality management of the auto parts manufacturing industry are put forward, and then the construction of the quality management system is improved by clarifying the quality management objectives; and the quality management awareness is strengthened; Strengthen the participation of all employees in the whole process; strengthen the internal supervision of the production process, promote the smooth implementation of the auto parts manufacturing quality management system, enhance the added value of products, and ensure high-quality production.

  Quality awareness is an important principle of quality management. In the process of enterprise quality management, quality management awareness plays a vital role. In addition, some managers believe that in order to improve the influence and cohesion of the enterprise, it is necessary to pay attention to system certification, but there is no in-depth analysis of system standards, especially in terms of connotation and advantages, there is a serious lack of attention to system construction and implementation, which makes Quality management is difficult to implement in place.

  The role of internal audit in the operation of the quality management system cannot be ignored. However, in fact, some corporate auditors lack good audit experience. During the quality management audit, the ISO/TS 16949 standard was not implemented, and it was not integrated into the process operation performance, which was not conducive to the smooth implementation of the system diagnosis. At the same time, some enterprises entrust internal audits to consulting companies, etc., it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of audits, and it is difficult to fully understand the operation of the enterprise's quality system, thereby improving the effectiveness of the operation of the enterprise's quality system.

  The audit team leader must have strong internal audit ability and organizational ability; the internal auditors should have training certificates and be authorized and approved by the enterprise management to properly perform their functions; before the on-site audit, the audit input checklist should also be Including audit input, standard clauses, etc. Finally, the audit team leader should hold regular internal communication meetings of the audit team to guide each auditor to clarify the audit purpose and focus and obtain quality standards.